Freedom Wall


Nov. 2002 - Ideas and Prints started
Nov. 2003 - Bids/ Kick-off
Nov. 2004 - Land Lease

Year 2007

April - Started building the Wall
May - Started Foundation, stone, electrical, forms, lumber, ect.
May - First Concrete Poured
May - Tower #1 + #5 block done
June - Stainless steel bought
June - Poured top and ramp concrete
June - Stainless Steel panels all built
July - Electrical inspected and done
Aug. - Towers 3,4,5 all built
Sept. - Towers all sealed up with paint and sealer
Oct. Drain System Installed
Nov. 3000 Holes Drilled in Panels
Dec. Hinge Test and Refurbished Windows in Building

Year 2008

Jan. Money Raised and Panels Built Feb. Landscape Plans finished and Garage Doors installed, Cleared ground r/s of garage
March Special holes drilled on panels